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A sexy summer storm.  The power goes out.

Just you and me alone together... in the dark...

Whatever shall we do? 😈


Author's Note:

I love the idea of being alone with you when the power goes out.  No phones. No screens.  No distractions.  Just you and I exploring each other in the darkness.  Our senses heightened, not being able to see you... but I can feel EVERYTHING.


3D / Breath on Ear / Candlelight / Cum Sounds / Cute / Decadent Pussy Licking / Deep / Desperate / Ear Attention / Fun / Giggling / Growling / Intimate / Laughter / Legs Around Me / Licking You / Missionary / NSFW / Nipple sucking / Passionate / Pinching Nipples / Romantic / Stroking / Sweet / Sweetheart / Tasting You / Tongue Sounds / Undressing / 


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Black Out (Power Outage Fantasy)

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