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Who says erotica has to be serious?


Author's Note

I'm still proud of some of these jokes.  Who says men can't multitask.  Don't worry I kept a firm grip on my "mic" during this "stand up" act!

A lickle something for everyone in this audio, unless you're a sourpuss- xd


If you'd like to listen to more Gender Neutral / Pride audios, I've collected them here. Please enjoy them with my warmest affection, and if you'd like; use code "PRIDE" for 20% off any of the audios on the page through July 3rd ♥


♣ For The Boys (Special Pride Month M4M)

♣ Mindful Masturbation (Gender Neutral JOI)

♣ Primal Male Moans

Big 🐓 Fun (Gender Neutral)

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