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If you think you're going to leave the house on time looking that sexy, you've got another thing coming...

Speaking of cumming...

I have just the activity to keep you here a little while longer...


Author's Note:

I confess, I like watching you get ready with the intent of making you late when you're done. So this audio is a guilty pleasure for me.


The thought of making you cum just moments before you have to go out into the world...still feeling me inside you just drives me crazy. Other men looking at you, your lips, still swollen from my kisses, your hips a bit tender from where my passion-clenched fingers were locked as I pounded into you...



Have a wonderful night out. But come home with some energy in reserve... you'll be needing it.


Bent Over / Can't Resist You / Clit Play / Cock Sounds / Cock Spanks / Cum Sounds / Dirty Talk / Eye Contact / Fingering / From Behind / Girl's Night / Goddess / Growling / Honey / Intense / Intense Orgasm / Making You Late / Mine / Mirror / NSFW / Panties / Passionate / Praise / Slow / Spank or Two / Stealing Kisses / Stroking / Trying Not To Cum / Turned On / Watch Me Cum / Watching You Get Ready / Well-Fucked / Worshiping You / You Have a Few Minutes / You're Mine / 


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