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The road you take is yours

It may bend.

It may dip.

It may twist.

it may turn.

But all of it is possible.  Every mile is something you are able to navigate.


Because this road is yours. 

It belongs to you. 

No one knows it better.


You choose how smooth the ride is.

Whether you tend to it and care for it, or let it fall into despair,

The choice is ultimately yours.


No one can tell you what to do.

It is your choice to listen or not.

It is your choice, the pace, or speed.

You choose the direction you'll take.


The times you will feel most uneasy, is when you allow someone else to tell you where to go and what to ,when you know in your heart the path you want to take.


The road is always here.  You can always find your way back to it.

You can always change directions.

There is always a way to get home.


The way may be bumpy.  The weather may be fierce

And there will be days you'll doubt yourself.


Take time to breathe and remind yourself who this road belongs to.

Slow down.

Park if you need to. 


Slow your breathing. 

Gather your courage.

And when you're ready.... begin again.


This is your road.


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