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That hungry look in your eyes says everything.

You like it when I tell you... exactly what to do and how to do it...

You follow my instructions to the letter and revel in the way you can make me come apart under your spell...and in your mouth.


Author's Note:

Picturing your mouth doing exactly what I need, exactly how I need... was beyond a turn on.  I still get the shivers thinking about this one days later...


Alpha / Alpha Girl / Bad Girl / Belt / Blow Job / Cock Sounds / Cock Spanks / Control Me / Cum Sounds / Cumming in Your Mouth / Deep / Desperate / Dirty Talk / Don't Stop / Eye Contact / Finger Sucking / Good Girl / Growling / How to Please Me / Intense / Intense Orgasm / NSFW / Naughty / Nipple Tease / Nipple sucking / On Your Knees / Open Your Mouth / Oral / Orgasmic Gibberish / Passionate / Please / Praise / Rough / Sensitive Cock / Sensitivity Play / Slow / Stroking / Suck My Balls / Teaching You / Tell Me / There You Go / Touch Yourself For Me / Turned On / Uncut / Undressing / What Turns Me On / Your Nails / 


Still Hungry?

In Your Mouth

Wake Up Call

Teaching You to Please Me


Your Mouth All Over Me

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