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You always know.


No matter how I try to hide it, you're able to sense when I need you.  And you're always there to take care of me.  Even on YOUR birthday.  My passionate, selfless Virgo.  You know just how to rock my world. 


Let's make the Earth shake tonight, my love.


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Length: 22:01



Aspects of the Virgo sign I Focused On

My intelligent, insightful Virgo.  There is nothing that misses your attention.  You can see a need before anyone else, and you're the best hands a person can be in to see everything put to right.  You're willing to give of yourself to bring comfort and peace, and you're willing to get creative in your approach


As a Leo...

I may be busy performing, but you can see through my bravado, you understand the feelings I can't express and you know exactly how to give me solid ground and a safe place to find release.  And in the process, you know JUST how to light my fire and make it all okay.



3D / ASMR / Against The Wall / Alpha / Begging / Birthday / Blow Job / Breath on Ear / Can't Resist You / Comforting Me / Creampie / Cum Play / Cum Sounds / Desperate / Dirty Talk / Doggy Style / Don't Be Shy / Eye Contact / Floor Sex / From Behind / Fuck Away A Bad Day / Gaelic / Growling / Intense / Multiple Orgasm / NSFW / Neck Kissing / Passionate / Please / Primal /  Right Here Right Now / Rough / Seduction / Spank or Two / Taking Care of Me / Talk Dirty To Me / That's My Girl / Whispers / 


Author's Note:  

The practical, earthbound nature of our lovely Virgo came to the rescue in this piece.  Literally. 😈


Thank you, for being there to help me express some extra primal enerdree.  I hope you think of that handprint on your ass with satisfaction and fondness.😘



Not a Virgo? You're more than your Sun Sign.  Take a peek and see what secrets you uncover at


Return next month for the next sign: Libra!


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