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The Third Eye chakra signifies the unconscious mind.



Author's Note:

As we finish out our chakra series, I wanted to add a little extra something.


The spoken version of the meditation is 10 minutes so it's short enough to use on a break for re-centering.  There is also an extra 10 minutes of Pink Noise that I mixed with the 963hz tone known as a "Miracle" or "Healing" tone that plays beneath the meditation. It gets a little more prominent as my voice fades out.  If you'd like a little extra time to sit in your stillness I hope it will help!


This series is close to my heart and I have truly enjoyed exploring the chakras with you!

Have a peaceful and clear week my dear ones!


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*This is a vanilla audio (non-erotic) - If you are able to join Patreon you can download this and other vanilla audios with your membership.  You can also stream this audio for free on my YouTube channel.

Third Eye Chakra - Pink Noise & Healing Tone 963hz

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