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I've been working for you for a while now and every day the tension between us is electric.

I know what you want, and I've got just the right tool for the job.


Author's Notes:

There is nothing hotter than being in a room with someone who wants to tear your clothes off.  The anticipation, even when you know it's naughty... it's inevitable.  You both know it.  And when you finally collide, it's explosive!


This is a classic audio from a while back.  It's fun to explore these characters, perhaps one day I'll come drill your hole again ;)


Bad Girl / Banter / Blow Job / Classic Audio / Deep / Dirty Talk / Drill That Hole / Finger Sucking / Flirty / Growling / Innuendo / Intense / Kitchen / Licking You / NSFW / Naughty / Nipple sucking / Passionate / Playful / Pull Your Hair / Rough / Sex With A Stranger / Strangers / Stroking / Table Sex / Tasting You / Touch Yourself For Me / Whimpers / 


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The Handyman (Sex with a Stranger)

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