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Feeling a little tense my love?

Lay back against my chest, nestled between my thighs and let me nuzzle and kiss and kiss all your stress away...

Author's Note:

It's hard to be stressed when someone is nibbling on your ear.  I'd welcome you to try but there is no fun in winning that challenge.  Come in ready to surrender and have a relaxing end of your weekend hmm?


This is a non-erotic audio

Ear Attention / Ear Licking / Gaelic / Kissing / Massage / Relaxing / Romantic / Sensual / Spicy Vanilla / Sugar / Tease / Whispered


Comforting Erotics:

♣ I'm Sorry (I Love You)

♣ Pleasuring You When You're Tired

♣ Coming To Your Rescue (Friends to Lovers)

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Teasing Tingles for your Tension (Ear Attention)

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