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I want nothing more than to be inside you right now.
I am aching with the need to have you...


But the only thing I want more is to show you how much I love you...


It's your birthday my beloved goddess and to show you that you come first, I will be stubborn as a bull tonight.  I can be patient. We will keep the Lion in his cage a while longer...


And hear this now...
You will always... come first...



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Length: 29:40


Aspects of Taurus

Naturally sexy and sensual, she enjoys & pursues pleasure. She is in touch with her senses, enjoys stability & devotion. Not one for a fling, she finds more satisfaction in a deep connection.  Her element is earth.  She is grounded, and dependable, loyal and true.


My Leo personality makes me passionate and at times rash.  When I'm aroused I will consume and surround you like a flame.  But for you my cherished Taurus, I will find my patience..take my time... and savor you ... because that is what you deserve.



Sensual / Naked In My Arms / Suit / Undress Me / Fingering / Passionate / Intimate / Intense/ Growling / Oral / Worshiping You / Desperate Need / Connection / Love / Sheet Sounds / Slow / Devotion / Gaelic / Bed Sounds / Good Girl / Romantic / 3D Sound



Author's Note: 

I created this audio to be enjoyed by anyone, but with special attention to some of the personality traits of a Taurus woman. 


Not a Taurus? You're more than your Sun Sign.  Take a peek and see what secrets you uncover at


Return next month for Gemini!


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