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We all have terrible days.

Our minds love to torment us with memories and stories that can be very painful.


Come and sit with me, my love. I will hold you in my arms, reassure you and hand you an umbrella to navigate days like this one.


You are strong and capable. You will be able to find your way to the sunlight in this dreary rain.


You're Gonna Be OK.


Author's Note:

This audio is a challenging one. Because if you go along with me on this, it will involve feeling your feelings as a practice. And as you make a practice out of acknowledging your pain, it loses its power over you.


But I know it's not an enjoyable thing to do, even if it's going to help you in the long run.

So I wanted to give you this audio, so that when you need to do the emotional work, you know have support.


And to that point, we have music from The ASMR Pianist that was inspired by a gentle spring rainstorm where the sunlight was shining through the raindrops. How is that for a cosmic coincidence hmm?


Please rest in my arms and as you go into your battles, know that you have power behind you.


And that you're never alone.


Close / Comfort / Encouraging / Gaelic / Hug / I've Got You / In My Arms / My Love / On Your Throne / Reassuring / Relaxing / Romantic / Rubbing Your Back / Sit on my Lap / Soft / Support / There You Go



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