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Do you ever wake up so turned on that it doesn't matter how little time you have before your day needs to begin? Me too.

Our bodies insist on release.... and who are we to resist?


Author's Note:

This felt like a "fuck the 4th wall" kind of morning.I woke up bursting and my mic was nearby. I was so glad I got to share this moment with you. Do you ever way up body first? We all know what part of my body runs the place most days but on a day like today, I just have to give in before I explode...



Bed Sounds / Big Boy / Blow Job / Cum Sounds / Dirty Talk / Eye Contact / Fantasizing / Fingering / Fuck The 4th Wall / Good Morning / Growling / Intense / JOI / Loud Orgasm / Morning Sex / Morning Voice / No Holding Back / Primal / Ramble Fap / Ride Me / Stroking / Turned On


Morning Play Time

Making You Late

Multi-Orgasmic Morning

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Starting the Day RIGHT (Fook the 4th Wall)

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