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Your naughty texts inspired me to leave work early.

When I arrive home I find a trail of sexy clothing leading me up the stairs like sexy breadcrumbs in a fairy tale. As I ascend, I know I'm headed straight to heaven...

I left work before lunch you know... and I am RAVENOUS.


Author's Note:

One of my favorite things is when two people are so enamoured with each other that nothing else matters. Knowing you're at home waiting for me wearing nothing but a necklace and your perfume definitely makes the need to stay at work seem trivial.

I don't think we've done an Afternoon Delight audio in quite a while. I hope you're as happy to interrupt your day as I am ;)



Bed Sounds / Blow Job / Close Whispers / Creampie / Cum on my Tongue / Decadent Pussy Licking / Deep Kisses / Desperate / Devouring You / Dirty Talk / Eye Contact / Good Girl / Growling / Heels / Hi / I Love You / Intimate / Lingerie / My Love / No Panties / Oral / Orgasmic Gibberish / Passionate / Playful / Please / Praise / Ravenous / Ride Me / Romantic / Sensual / Sheets / Slurping / Stroking / Take It All / Take It Deeper / Tasting You / Teasing / Tongue Sounds / Turned On / Undressing / Your Nails / Your Perfume / 


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Stairway to Heaven (Afternoon Delight)

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