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When you play a game, you leave nothing to chance my confident naughty little Scorpio. I should have known I was doomed to lose from the start.


But I can promise...if I do lose... it's gonna feel... so...good.


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Runtime 25:00


Aspects of the Scorpio sign I Focused On;

I love the sassiness of a Scorpio Lovely! You are clever and confiden, passionate and ever so intuitive. And that lustful intuition is where we are going to have an amazing collision...


As a Leo...

I am more than happy to rise (and rise and rise) to meet your in your naughtiness. I like it when you sting so sweetly and I know you love when I meet your power head on. The affectionate power play is the dance of the lion and the scorpion and we'll be well satisfied by the results


Author's Note:

I had a delightful time making this audio. I love to walk the line of power and playfulness. The idea of both of us being in control while both of us lose control was so incredibly sexy to me. I read that Scorpio women like a man with self control... well... we can't win em all like ;)

Not a Scorpio? You're more than your Sun Sign.  Take a peek and see what secrets you uncover at



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Return next month for the next sign: Sagittarius!


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