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I want to give you a birthday adventure you'll never forget! If only the weather was on my side. As we hunt for warmth, my sweet Sagittarius, I think we'll find a way to make this night memorable... one way or another!


Runtime 35:05

Aspects of the Sagittarius sign I Focused On;

I know my Sagittarius goddess is up for an adventure... no matter how it goes, you'll manage to make the best of it. You have the situation well in hand. Making love to you in the wild, suits your nature and you won't have to search long to find your prey tonight my sexy huntress!


As a Leo...

This is not my finest hour as a Leo, I wanted to dazzle you with a perfect birthday but we're out in the cold! But when we come together, we can make the best of any situation and there is nowhere else I'd rather be, than steaming up a tent in the middle of a freezing night with you!


Author's Note:

This audio felt so real to me. It is completely within the realm of possibility that I would take you to a romantic location to freeze. But I'd also do everything in my power to warm you up like. I hope you enjoy this lickle adventure my fun-loving Sagittarius goddess!



Alpha / Alpha Girl / Arms Around You / Birthday / Blow Job / Breast kissing / Bring That Ass To Me / Camping / Clit Play / Cock Sounds / Cute / Deep / Doggy Style / Face to Face / From Behind / Giggling / Good Girl / Growling / How Hot Can We Make It / Intense / Intimate / Keep Each Other Warm / Kissing Down Your Spine / Licking You / Loud Orgasm / Missionary / Nature Sounds / Nipple sucking / Orgasmic Gibberish / Outdoors / Sagittarius / Sex Outside / Stroking / Tasting You / Thigh Kissing / Thigh Nibbles / Whispers / Zodiac


Return next month for the next sign: Capricorn!


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