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I know you want to show me what a good girl you are.  Climb onto my thigh and stroke my cock as you ride.  I am aching to be inside you...


You know just how to please me, Baby Girl...



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Length: 20:46

Erotic Audio - NSFW - Must be 18+ to purchase.



All That Cock / Baby Girl / Bed Percussion / Bed Sounds / Best Girl / Big Boy / Blow Job / Bouncing on My Cock / Butt Stuff Lite / Clit Play / Cock Size / Cock Sounds / Cum In Mouth / Cum In My Arms / Cum Sounds / Daddy / Deep / Dirty Girl / Dominant / Don't Stop / Edge of Bed / Every Inch / Eye Contact / Facesitting / Good Girl / Growling / Headboard Rocking / Holding You / Honey / I'm You're Toy / Intense / Kinky / Look At Me / Loud Orgasm / On Your Knees / Orgasmic Gibberish / Praise / Ride Me / Sensitive Cock / Slurping / Spit on my Cock / Stroking / Strong Arms / Sweetheart / There You Go / Thigh Ride / Use Me / Use Two Hands / Whispers / 


Author's Note:

One of my favourite things about audios where I'm dominant, is finding moments of  control and power for YOU.  Seeing you confident in your sensuality is so sexy to me and I try to encourage it as often as possible.


Another thing I love is having moments of connection where in the time I'm creating I'm trying to reach through the audio to you as you're listening to somehow experience it WITH you.  The moment on the edge of the bed was one of those for me.  I DEFINITELY enjoyed myself.  I hope you felt it.



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