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I've been tossing and turning for an hour, but you know that.

I'm so sorry if I've kept you up, my love.  This is not the way I like to keep you up all night.  

This always happens when I train late in the day.  I get all wound up and my mind won't let me rest.


But you always know just how to ease my mind and help me drift off...


Author's Notes:

This is audio imitating Gael's real restless night.  You would think I'd know better than to train before bed, but this week, there I lay with my body still thrumming and my mind racing.


Usually when I put an audio together I am thinking about something you might like, but in this case, this audio idea was what lulled me to sleep this week...


The beginning of the audio is my restless self and your soothing comfort followed by over 40 minutes of sounds to help you sleep.  Gentle windchimes, soft cricket song and the slow even breathing of a man you helped get to finally fall asleep ;)



Bed Sounds / Can't Sleep / Crickets / Ease My Mind / Gaelic / Good Night / Growling / Help Me Sleep / Honey / I Love You / Massage / Nature Sounds / Night Sounds / Perfect Fit / Restless / Sheets / Sleep / Sleep Companion / Soothing / Taking Care of Me / Wind Chimes / 


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