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What do you think you're doing!?


You know what happens when you intentionally turn me on in public. You know just how to push my buttons and do all the things that make me mindless with lust. I've warned you not to make me lose control like that...


That's why you do it isn't it?


You like being a brat because you know it means you'll get punished.

Well, tonight you get your wish.


Author's Note:

I love it when you're confident and feisty, when you're in the mood for things to get kinky and rough, you know I'm happy to give you what you want.


The unspoken game of "punish me, I've been bad" when we both know we're enjoying every second of it, is always a fun time.


I know this can be a tender spot for some listeners and I try to tag clearly to be respectful of that while making sure I'm honouring the tastes and turn-ons of as many of ye as I can.


Dirty talk is so freeing, because it requires that extra bit of trust that things said are only in the moment and behind it all is care. And who doesn't love a little belt spank mark on their arse in the morn? ;)


Have fun!



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Length: 22:11


Tags:  Aggressive / All Your Holes / Alpha / Anal / Belt / Belt Sounds / Belt Spanking / Bent Over / Blow Job / Butt Stuff / Cum Play / Cum on Your Ass / DEFINITE Butt Stuff / Dirty Girl / Dirty Talk / Dominant / Domination / Face Fuck / Fingering / From Behind / Gag on It / Good Girl / Growling / Hair Pull / Hard / Hard Spanking / Heels / Intense / Licking You / Loud Orgasm / Mine / Oil / Oiled Up Ass / Public / Punishing Your Pussy / Rimming / Rough / Slut / Slutty / Spank or Two / Spanking / Spoiled Brat / Stroking / Tasting You / There You Go / Tongue Sounds / Trigger Warning / Using You / punishment / slut word


Erotic Audio - NSFW - Must be 18+ to purchase.


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