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You didn't really wanna go to work today, did you?


Author's Note:

I love the times when we're of the same mind for mischief and we can spend our time devouring each other and forget about the rest of the world.


I promised some audios with "bite" for Leo season and I found this audio.  This is one of my early audios so the mic is a bit different.   But if you're looking for a dirty aggressive and a bit of a rough ride, you've come to the right place!


Aggressive / Bent Over / Bondage / C Word / Classic Audio / Cock Slut / Couch Sex / Dirty Talk / Fingering / Growling / Hair Pull / Hard Pussy Spanks / Intense / Kitchen / Lead Me By The Cock / Licking You / Lost Audio / Naughty / Nipple sucking / Phone Call During Sex / Rough / Slut Word / Tasting You / Tied / Tongue Fuck / 


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