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Happy Valentine's Day!


I have been having such a truly wonderful February.  I made personal audios available for Valentine's Day and through fulfilling the requests I've been remembering (mostly embarrassing) stories from my teen years.  I've been talking about Irish Valentine locations and sharing the kind of Valentine plans I'd make.


I can't overstate how much I enjoy having this medium to talk with ye one on one and get to know your stories and your dreams as well as learn about the places you're from!


I know that these rambles sell out fast and I have a habit of giving you short notice.  So this time I'm setting the date early so no one is caught off guard and I can get them to as many of ye as possible.


March 17th 2024 @ 2pm CST / 8pm GMT will be the next drop!  I'm sincerely looking forward to celebrating St Patricks with you.  


In the meantime, this audio is a lickle taste of what you'll get in a personal audio.

(I couldn't include the Seanie singing part from youtube since Madonna would protest on so many levels) But the rest is here with extra love and hugs on Valentine's Day!

My Romantic Woes (Valentine Ramble)

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