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A perfect night.  Just you and I, alone under the night sky...

With starlight in your hair and fire in your eyes...

You have never looked more beautiful.


Author's Note:

One thing I never take for granted is the mystical places that surround me.  Often times I'll run across them in my travels and my imagination is swept away, thinking of the experiences that have taken place centuries before...


This fantasy was born of imagining the ancient druid cultures making love under the moonlight, free and wild ... the image as so vivid in my mind and it ran away with me...


Let's get lost together?



Clit Play / Deep / Deep Inside You / Fingering / Growling / I Want To Feel You / Intimate / More / Mystical / NSFW / Nature Sounds / Night Sounds / Nipple sucking / Orgasmic Gibberish / Outdoors / Passionate / Primal / Ride Me / Romantic / Sex Outside / Shivering / Spiritual / Sweet


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