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This time of year always brings out the animals in us.

When two Leos come together, the very earth shakes with the force of their passion.

Love and lust are expressed in equal measure as the power play begins.


When the dust settles and the hunt is over... it doesn't matter who came out on top so long as we're laying exhausted and satisfied in each other's arms.


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Length: 28:19



Aspects of the Leo sign I Focused On

A Leo woman is a force of nature who knows exactly what she wants and she will take it at her pleasure.  If you have the upper hand, it's only because she allows it, and it won't be for long.  But she is as tender and loving as she is fierce and formidable.  


As a Leo myself, I understand your desires.  I share them.

I know you long to feel powerful... sexy...desired...  But I know that above all you must feel cherished and seen.  I will make sure you know there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be than close to you as we burn in the fire of our passion.



Alpha / Alpha Girl / Banging / Belt Play / Belt Sounds / Biting / Blow Job / Breath on Ear / Can't Get Enough of You / Clit Play / Control Me / Couch Percussion / Couch Sounds / Desperate / Devouring You / Edging / Feeling Everything / Eye Contact /  Frantic / Fuck Me / Good Girl / Growling / Hard / Honey / I Love You / Intense / Leo / Lion's Den / Loud Orgasm / Loving / Mercy! / My Kinks / NSFW / Oral / Passionate / Playing With Your Food / Please / Power Play / Primal / Ravenous / Ride Me / Sensitive Cock / Slow / Stroking / Tasting You / Tongue Sounds / Trying Not To Cum / Undressing / Wild / Zodiac


Author's Note: 

I created this audio to be enjoyed by anyone, but with special attention to some of the personality traits of a Leo woman. 


This audio was a particularly arousing experience, getting to express some of my personal turn ons. The enerdree was high as the blood was pumping... I will say the couch emerged ... relatively unharmed from this recording session 😈


I hope you have fun. I know I did!


Not a Leo? You're more than your Sun Sign.  Take a peek and see what secrets you uncover at


Return next month for the next sign: Virgo!


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