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I don't mind when your eyes wander.  I know you're mine and I am yours...

But still... it does spark a flame of primal need...

The need to remind your body what your mind already knows...

To be so deep inside you that you'll feel me all week long...

To make you truly mine and truly be yours...

I guess a little jealousy can be good...


Author's Note:

I am not a jealous man.  But I do love to get a little fiery, maybe a bit possessive in the heat of the moment.  The primal urge to take you so well and so completely that you won't have the energy to look anywhere else is a fun one to explore.


Ready to be bent over a table and spanked, you naughty ting?  ;)



ASMR / Aggressive / Alpha / Belt / Belt Sounds / Bent Over / Best Girl / Creampie / Cum Sounds / Cum on Your Ass / Deep / Deep Inside You / Dirty Talk / Doggystyle / Dominant / Fingering / From Behind/  Gaelic / Good Fucking Girl / Good Girl / Growling / Hair Pull /  Hard Spanking / Intense / Jealous / Licking You / Mine / My Girl / Naughty / Punishing Your Pussy / Refreshing Your Memory / Rough / Spank or Two / Spanking / Table Sex / Tasting You / Tell Me / You Belong to Me / 


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Jealousy: You're Mine and You Know It

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