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My Dearest Love,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good health.  

It is your face and memories of you that keep me warm on long nights out on the battlefield.  And dreams of you wrapped in my arms allow me to find a fleeting peace in these fearful nights.  And the sweet memories, that I hold dear in my heart, like the last time I held you.  I can still smell your sweet fragrance on me...


I am being careful, staying out of danger as best I can.  I hope you do not fret too much, for I know that my decision to answer the military's call laid a great burden upon not only my shoulders, but yours as well.

My greatest wish is that this correspondence was bringing better tidings.  Perhaps news of the war's end, a slow in the fevered pace of the fighting, or a chance for me to come home to you on the horizon.

But I fear, that is not to be.  At least not today.


I know as Christmastime draws nearer, the distance feels even further, the weather a bit colder, and our separation a bit more cruel.


It seems so very wrong that anyone should be away from those they love on Christmas.  That united hearts such as ours should be apart in this most sacred of seasons.


My prayer is that my next letter will carry sweeter, more hopeful words.


Please know, I think of you every moment that there is space between us.  I see your smile in every pool of moonlight, and feel your kiss in every ray of sun.  


Someday soon we'll be together again, but until that day, remember you hold all of my love, my devotion and inspire every beat of my heart.


Yours forever, 



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