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We've been invited to a Halloween Party. 

It's going to be a lot of fun and we are dressed to the nines as sexy vampires. 

But before we go, I have a little gift for you.

Perhaps you thought there would be no consequences for your bad behavior this week.

But you'll soon find out who the Master is here. 

I want you to wear this little vibrator in your panties. Of course, there is a trick to this treat.   

I'll have the remote control. 


Author's Note:

This is a frisky, dirty romp for you to sink your teeth into this Halloween.   I think this was my very first Halloween audio.  It gets dirty and slutty and we DEFINITELY made no effort to be quiet at this Halloween party.  So let's get naughty together ;)



Aggressive / Blow Job / Clit Play / Cum on Your Face / Decadent Pussy Licking / Dirty Talk / Edging / Eye Contact / Good Little Slut / Growling / Halloween / In My Arms / Master / Mirror / My Little Slut / Narrative Style / Naughty / Neck Bite / Neck Kissing / On Your Knees / Party / Public Sex / Remote / Slut / Standing / Teasing / Thigh Kissing / Toy / Vibrator


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Halloween Party (Public Domination)

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