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I've been bad and now you won't kiss me.  You like making me beg... but two can play at this game...


Tags: Rough / Dirty Talk / Some Name Calling

Length: 29:12

Erotic Audio - NSFW - Must be 18+ to purchase.


Author's Note:

I love the idea that the "power role" in a relationship can be a fluid thing.  I'll be happy to beg and plead myself into your good graces when I've done wrong.  And you having standards of what you will and won't accept is so damn sexy.


But we both know my Alpha energy gets you soaking and you love watching me wrestle back control.  Things get aggressive and passionate as I get more turned on...and you love bringing it out of me.


One thing I paid extra attention to is the aspect of the kiss I am trying to get and what you will and won't give me no matter how turned on you are, the power is still always yours.  



Aggressive / Alpha / Alpha Girl / Bad Girl / Begging / Belt / Belt Spanking / Blow Job / Butt Stuff Lite / C Word / Cock Spanks / Cum Play / Cum Sounds / Cum on Your Ass / Desperate / Dirty Talk / Don't Run / Femdom / Fight / Fingering / Frantic / From Behind / Good Girl / Growling / Hair Pull / Hard Spanking / I'm Gonna Get it / I'm Gonna Win / I'm Working / Kinky / Licking You / Loud Orgasm / Make Up Sex / Mutual Masturbation / NSFW / On Your Knees /  Passionate / Play For Me / Please / Rough / Seducing Me / Seduction / Slut / Spank or Two / Spanking / Stroking / Tasting You / Teasing / Tongue Fuck / You've Got My Attention / 


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Power Play: Give Me Your Kiss

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