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I love turning you on before we fuck.  Telling you in great..dirty detail all of the things I want to do to you and with you before we begin...


There is no time pressure... just you and me and the building arousal that will surely ignite... when you're ready.


Author's Note:

I know that sometimes our mind may be "ready to go" but our body may need a little extra time and care to get wet and ready for playtime.  I'm a big boy and I understand the importance of making sure you're ready.  and I want to make sure when I slide inside you, you are warmed up and silky, ready to take as much of me as you dare.


The approach I took on this audio was one focusing on helping you get aroused and wet, the audio doesn't end in sex, it focuses on getting you ready and the talk isn't necessarily all romance.  We get a little dirty, a bit naughty...


I was really excited to do this lickle audio experiment and I hope you'll let me know what you think, if it helped, other approaches I could try and also, let me know what audio you went to once you were ready to go.


I will say once I finished recording this, I was VERY ready to record more audios ;)


Breast Appreciation / Breast Attention / Clit Play / Dirty Girl / Dirty Talk / Fantasy / Finger Sucking / Fingering / Good Girl / Lay Back Against Me / Licking You / Making You Wet / Mine / My Sweetheart / Romantic / Rough / Seduction / Slutty / Taking What's Mine / Tasting You / Uncut / Wet / Whispers / 


Suggested Audios :

MELT (Passionate& Intimate Lovemaking)

Orgasmic 3D Whispers (Slow & Very Sexual Build Up)

Unbound (Unleashing My Lioness)

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Getting You Ready For Me (Wetness Dirty Talk)

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