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You know how to make my long hard day so much better.

Sending me texts and sexy pictures to fuel my imagination...

Do you wanna know what kind of dirty filthy thoughts you've inspired, Baby Girl?


Author's Note:

We get a bit kinky and filthy together in this audio.  If you're in the mood for rough and aggressive, lay back and let me handle that for you



Aggressive / Alpha / Baby Girl / Belt / Belt on Neck / Blow Job / Classic Audio / Cock Spanks / Devouring You / Dirty TalkDominant / Filthy / Good Girl / Growling / Intense / Lingerie / Little One / Narrative Style / Nipple Play / Pinned Down / Rough / Sloppy / Spitting / Submissive / Suit / Tasting You / Teasing / Throat Play / 


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Filthy Alpha Fantasy (Baby Girl)

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