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I just finished working out and energy is pumping through me...

I find you in our bed, your skin glowing in the morning sun...

We may get romantic for a time, but I plan to have you so completely that you won't be able to walk a step today without thinking of me inside you.


Author's Note

I really had just finished working out and the birds outside were was a beautiful day to release a whole lot of built-up enerdree.  I knew after my first climax that I was still fired up and needed to keep going.  And I was lost in the pleasure that followed.


I hope you're ready for what I have for you.



Beg For It / Blow Job / Breath on Ear / Cover Me In You / Creampie / Cum Sounds / Cummy Pussy / Cute / Deep / Doggystyle / Facesitting / Filling You / From Behind / Growling / Hair Pull / Hard Orgasm / I Love You / Intimate / Keep That Ass Up / Kissing / Let Me Hold You / Licking You / Loud Orgasm / Mine / Moaning / Morning Sex / Muffled Orgasm / Multiple Orgasm / My Nipples / Nipple sucking / Orgasmic Gibberish / Playful / Reverse Cowgirl / Ride Me / Romantic / Say My Name / Sit on My Chest / Stroking / Sweetheart / Tasting You / Tell Me / There You Go / Tongue Sounds / Watch You Swallow Me / Whispers / You Can Take More / You Know I Have More


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