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Our romance began in Zoom meetings and phone calls.

Our passionate connection can be felt over any distance...

My longing for you has grown into an unbearable ache

But tonight.  There will be no screens between us... no miles to travel.

Just us. Together, our desire exploding...



Author's Note:

This is definitely a big fantasy in a world so spread apart yet so connected.  There is such intensity in the romance of this concept for me.  Thinking of the yearning and the anticipation of FINALLY getting to touch the person who has been such an important presence in your life.


I remember being SO ready to make this audio that I could barely hold myself back (and so I didn't) I hope the intensity translates and you enjoy this as much as I did.



3D / Blow Job / Clit Play / Cock Sounds / Cum Play / Desperate / Eye Contact / First Time Together / Gaelic / Growling / Honey / Hotel Sex / Intense / Licking You / Long Distance / My Fantasy / Passionate / Pinned Hands / Ravenous / Ride Me / Seduction / Sensitive Cock / Slow / Tasting You / Teasing / 


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