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Sometimes I can't control how badly I want you.

It absolutely consumes me.


And the sexiest thing is when you feel the same and we can just melt into each other and explode.


Author's Note:

Time away from recording is always frustrating, but one plus side is the returning energy drives me wild. I didn't have an angle or a "Scene" in mind for this. This was just unleashing what my body wanted while saying the things you asked to hear and it was a gooood fecking time like.


I hope you can feel the same energy I felt, cuz I slept WELL after this one ;)


This audios is from the "Create With Me" thread where I give ye control of my mouth during our pleasure. If you'd like to submit your dirty talk, join the "Ring my Bell" tier ♥



Afterglow / Bad Girl / Big Boy / Clit Play / Creampie / Create With Me / Cum Play / Cum Sounds / Cummy Pussy / Deep / Dirty Talk / Eye Contact / Fantasy / Fingering / Gaelic / Good Fucking Girl / Good Girl / Growling / Hair Pull / Hard / Hi / In My Arms / Intense / Intimate / Let Me Taste / Look At Me / Loud Orgasm / Mine / More / NSFW / Not Until I Tell You / Orgasmic Gibberish / Passionate / Please / Ride Me / Slow / Spank or Two / Tongue Fuck / Trying Not To Cum / What Turns Me On / 


Runtime 28:23

Must be 18+ to buy


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