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Is your stomach bothering you love?  My poor sweetheart.

Come lay down and let my warm gentle hands chase the pain away from your sore tummy.



Author's Note:

I know a lot of people keep their stress in their stomach and sometimes you are stressed because of something you ate and you get a double whammy.  


So whether it is stress or bad curry making your stomach upset today, I hope this little audio will give you a place to put your mind until you're feeling a bit better or at least help you sleep until you do.  


big love,



P.S I'm leaving the rain on for a bit because it's my favourite weather I've ever captured and I often listen to it when I want to quiet my mind, so perhaps it'll help you too!  


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*This is a vanilla audio (non-erotic) - If you are able to join Patreon you can download this and other vanilla audios with your membership.  You can also stream this audio for free on my YouTube channel.

Comfort for a Sore Tummy (Attention and Care)

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