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You failed to mention your friend at work was the office stud.

So I'm going to take you, claim you, right here in your office.


I know how much the risk of getting caught turns you on.

And maybe this time we will. That will show the other lions...

You think I'm jealous?  It's survival of the fittest my sultry lioness.

And this King of the Jungle knows just how to remind you who you belong to.


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Length: 21:54


Tags:  Alpha / Claimed / Clit Play / Cum Play / Deep / Good Girl / Growling / Jealous / Mine / No one Else / Office / Owning Your Pussy / Pinching Nipples / Pleasing You / Public Sex / Risk / Tasting You / Tongue Sounds / Workplace / Getting caught / you're mine /


Erotic Audio - NSFW - Must be 18+ to purchase.


Still Feeling Wild?


Claiming You In Your Office (Jealousy)

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