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Santa has come this morning... but I haven't.

Let's get busy before we have to go be busy. ;)


Author's Note:

I was in a bit of a cheeky mood over Christmas. "Lotion & Lust" was an erotic I enjoyed making and so I made a vanilla version for YouTube where our muse did not give in to my attempts to drag her down to the Naughty List with me!


Did I wake up Christmas morn still in a lickle bit of a naughty mood? Well yes. And so ...

Since our hero was ferociously and mercilessly teased on Christmas Eve, he wakes with a burning desire to get his lover back on the naughty list... and this time he succeeds!


Happy Christmas to all!



Bed Sounds / Christmas / Cum Play / Dirty / Dirty Talk / Fingering / Gaelic / Growling / Holding You / Holiday / Intense Orgasm / Intimate / Morning Sex / Morning Voice / Mutual Masturbation / Naughty Girl / Orgasmic Gaelic / Passionate / Praise / Sheets / Sleepy Voice / Spooning / Stroking / Strong Arms / Turned On / Whispers /


Holiday Erotics


Naughty List & Christmas Morning Quickie

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