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It is your birthday, my goddess...

You can have anything you want tonight.

Whatever you want...

Whenever you want...

WHEREever you want it.


You've got this Lion under your control... for now.


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Length: 20:52


Aspects of Aries
Creative, Dominant, Energetic, Fiery, Free-Spirited, Fun, Independent, Intelligent
Her element is fire and she ignites her spark into every encounter.


My Leo personality likes ME to be in control, but I do so love to see you shine, my love.
However, a night at your command is going to be a challenge... for both of us!
Do you have what it takes to keep this Lion contained? 



Femdom / Power Play / Edging / Oral / Begging / Public Sex / Teasing / Fingering / Intimate / Passionate / Desperate / Frantic / Growling / Loud Orgasm / Dirty Talk / Facesitting / From Behind / Face To Face / Headboard Rocking /  Good Girl /  Goddess


Author's Note: 

I created this audio to be enjoyed by anyone, but with special attention to some of the personality traits of an Aries woman.  Not an Aries? You're more than your Sun Sign.  Take a peek and see what secrets you uncover at


Return next month for Taurus!


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